window view

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Enjoyment of window view

Pleasure of journey contains many factors, unforgettable one of them is the view from transportation window.  We YouTube creators have released the footage of impressive scenery , and you can feel enjoy the feeling of traveling the landscape you have never been.

Recording by the window looks very easy, but in fact it’s very difficult to do. For example , the camera needs very long-life battery and endures against vibration. Vehicle’s seating arrangement varies, so we have to think about fixing the camera suitable for each  situation.

Like a bird , over the skies

For a while The period when the using of electronic devices prohibited in the aviation continued, but now , fortunately it became to be allowed in the last few years. However , many airlines are still prohibit now , so you have to be careful.

By the way, China Airliners permit the use of tablet PC such as iPad , but Cellular such as iPhone is strictly prohibited. whichever in airplane mode or not. Be careful.